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Keynotes and Speeches

Pinnacle Business Concepts offers a wide variety of solutions custom crafted for your special needs. Our keynotes usually last 30 – 90 minutes and are designed to be inspirational, motivational, and persuasive in just the manner you prescribe! We can take any of our most popular topics and present it as a keynote.

Additionally, below are some of our highly requested keynote topics:

Turn Your Whiners into Winners! (Barry Pruitt only)

In 1987-88 Barry Pruitt was the victim of two murder attempts. Barry lost his business, credit, and ability to lead a normal life – and soon realized that he was parked in the handy-can’t zone. Barry knows how it feels to proclaim “I can’t” and he knows how to get you into the world of “I can” – and from there he’ll help you reach the Pinnacle of Your Personal success! As a self-proclaimed instigator of change, this keynote speech has been the highlight of association meetings, conferences, and company functions around the world. Barry’s energetic, humorous, and highly motivational delivery style consistently inspires audiences to explore all the possibilities of personal and professional growth – that is, reaching for the pinnacle of success.

Customer Service: Choose, Lose, or Keep Your Customers!
Are you earning customer loyalty? Strategic organizations treat customers like assets and do everything they can to invest and safe keep those relationships. Customer loyalty standouts, such as Lexus, State Farm and MBNA, engineer their entire company (not just the customer service dept.) around customer loyalty -- manufacturing, pricing, sales incentives, and all operations inside and out are built for lifetime customers. To fortify customer relationships you'll learn four strategies

#1) Recognize your Most Valuable Customers

#2) Reward loyal buyers

#3) Deliver Consistent Product/Service Quality and Satisfaction

#4) Customize. The ultimate way to keep customers loyal longer is to spend more time catering to their individual tastes and needs.

FASTpractice™ to Get Results!
When you compete in this century, best practice is the least of your worries. It has been proven time and again that getting it done on time (and within budget) while avoiding political pitfalls enhances your credibility. Have you ever been misunderstood? Hung up on the politics of moving forward? Discover why appropriate communication is considered one of the most valued skills in the workplace and why it’s essential to your leadership success. If you’re a manager or leader dealing with committees, interviews, metrics, goals, or budgets -- then you need these skills! Leave this session with purposeful ideas preparing you for a variety of management issues at a FAST pace!

MAKE A CHOICE – The Small Things That Make a Great Life!

This uplifting session is based on one word – choice. Three definitions for choice, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, are “power of choosing; the best part; care in selecting.” In this event you’ll learn to make a CHOICE:

                C – Character Can’t beCounterfeited
                   H – Have Heart/Faith
                      O – Open to Change
                         I – Implement

                            C – Capture Opportunity
                               E – Expert on People

Negotiate for All Your Worth!
Build confidence and create positive outcomes by addressing the perceptions, principles, and process of negotiations. In this session you'll have fun confronting your negotiation perceptions, gain a quick grasp of negotiating principles, and gain ideas to perfect the process. Discover what negotiating means to you leave this session with a clear understanding of the critical importance of good negotiation preparation (and learn how to develop a successful strategy). This session includes ideas on perfecting your negotiating style including body language, hidden meanings, verbal cues and 6 basic tactics successful negotiators never leave home without.

Getting What you Want!
Meet, greet, and repeat seems to be the story of our business lives -- but why walk away without getting what you want? This session will build your confidence and help you create positive outcomes by addressing the perceptions, principles, and process of interviews and negotiation. Learn how to script yourself for success. You'll leave this session with a clear understanding of the critical importance of preparation and strategy. Gain cues, clues, and taboos that will position you for getting more of what you want!

Success Comes in Cans

This inspirational keynote has lifted convention, and annual meeting attendees to new heights of confidence and power. Based on life experiences and full of personal anecdotes – this is a sure winner for your next meeting. You’ll receive supercharged information that will propel participants to new levels of enthusiasm! This can be highly customized to your organization or event with suggested delivery times of 30 minutes to two hours.

Parking in the Handy–Can’t Zone

Many fail at work, home and in social situations because they’ve chosen the life of “can’t.” This program offers the keys to a successful jump-start – in transforming work from burdensome task to an exciting challenge! This session is interactive and sure to raise the enthusiasm of participants. Call for details on customizing for you next meeting! You’ll discover 5 key traits in this session that separate high achievers from average performers! You’ll return to work with specific steps to capitalize on information gained to get you and your career out of the “Handy-Can’t” Zone and on the success highway of life!

Corporate Madcow

Have you noticed how some coworkers move ideas and initiatives forward, while others are afflicted with corporate madcow? In this power–packed session we'll share the traits of successful people. When you arrive back in your workplace, you can be immune to this painful, degenerative disease - corporate madcow. Discover how to capitalize on what you already know, how to reward yourself, have fun doing it, and specific steps to immunize your team from Corporate Madcow!

Risky Business

Whoever said, “Life is a risky business!” must have worked in today’s highly competitive business environment - an environment where unrecognized, unplanned for, and unmitigated risk could sink a project, company, or your career. In order to survive we must understand what risks we face and adopt strategies that quickly incorporate those risk opportunities into effective management tools. These simple to use, easy to learn and apply strategies provide tested and proven principles for managing risk.

It’s Not Magic

The wonder of making things happen in today’s work environment is not magic...although that’s what we’re often asked to create! Learn key steps to protect yourself from the pressure of being a “magician” while at the same time being prepared to create miracles! Go home ready to apply newfound knowledge as you prepare for the seemingly inevitable!

Getting From "No Go" to the Big Show!

Have your efforts been stymied by uncooperative senior management and competing business objectives? Then you know how difficult it can be to get a group involved, excited, and committed. You also know funding; keeping others focused and on track; dealing with difficult personalities, hidden agendas, and politics can be challenging and stressful. Learn what you can do to keep objectives moving and the funds flowing. Rethink the value of your meetings to help maximize results through your refined, professional methods that help others save face, build buy-in, and keep you on track!

Get What You Want!
Succeed in Your Communications as a Technical Professional

Have you ever been misunderstood? Now you can get your point across… everytime, to technical professionals and management alike! Learn to utilize the essential ingredients in communication and to expand, illuminate, and illustrate your information. You'll gain proven steps that successful technical professionals employ to build rapport, earn trust, and get results. By now you know that you can't get rid of office politics so why not work with and around them - and be a "player" without playing the game! Stop dozens of communication mistakes before they occur and learn simple steps to neutralize "criticizers." 

Save the Caterpillar and Lose the Butterfly!

You’ve invested your time (and money) to learn more about business functions and results – now you have to go back and put it to use. Professionals with good intentions often face roadblocks, challenging problems and still make mistakes. We can improve our ability to create new solutions and solve baffling problems through our innovative problem solving potential. In this session, we’ll share 5 key steps to fly like butterflies vs. crawl like caterpillars. Learn to establish a powerful personal vision that helps you focus on big targets while going through any transformation. You’ll learn new approaches to old problems and how to start each working day with a fresh outlook. Return to work with specific steps to implement newfound knowledge so you can break out of the rut, generate new ideas, solve problems and make better decisions.