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About Pinnacle Business Concepts…

Pinnacle Business Concepts, Inc. is recognized as a business consulting and training leader not only in the United States, but across Australia, Europe, the Caribbean, Canada and South America. We are often engaged to assist companies with planning and implementing:

  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Business Impact/Interruption Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Business Interruption Planning
  • Safety Planning and Training
  • Current State Assessments
  • Business Cases
  • Crisis Communication
  • Development, Training and Seminars for the above
  • Keynotes

Now you can bring a top rated, BIA /BCP consulting or training professional into your organization at a surprisingly affordable price. So why choose us?

Pinnacle Business Concepts has more than 18 years experience providing top-rated consulting and training to organizations like yours. Our international network of highly experienced consultants and instructors has helped tens of thousands of satisfied participant’s master new skills on a wide range of business strategy, business continuity and other business development topics.

CD, audio and video training can be very efficient, but there are also times when you need to bring a consulting or training professional to your location. For example:

  • You need specialized training or consulting immediately or can't find the right cd/audio/video
  • You need customized BIA, BCP or DR consulting or training to meet your group's unique set of needs -- specific skills, techniques, and procedures, not generalizations
  • You want a large number of people to hear the same consistent message
  • There's no one on your staff with the requisite subject matter expertise or time to address the problem
  • You’d like control over the message sent to your team without the responsibility of developing and delivering the content.
  • The cost of sending a large group of employees to a public class is too high; in time away from the office, out of pocket expense, and lack of job/organization specific information
  • You need an experienced professional on-site to not only develop solutions and deliver information, but also to answer your team's questions and provide guidance specific to your industry, business or agency.

We have the capability to give you custom created, Web-delivered or DVD and audio solutions. If you want to get really creative, why not bring us on-site and then include Web-based follow-up?

Pinnacle has provided services to international seminar companies for over ten
years in the areas of

  • presenter certification training,
  • content development,
  • Delivery/assessment of training content and effectiveness
Contact us now for more information on how to bring a Pinnacle Business Concepts professional into your organization.