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Process Mapping (PM)

To facilitate completing a BIA and BCP from the process perspective, Pinnacle Business Concepts uses a methodology that has been employed by Total Quality Management, Process Improvement, Lean, and Six-Sigma practitioners for year, “Causal Process Flow Mapping”.  Developing an end-to-end process flow map for each of the twelve key processes, e.g. “Market/Sell” from the hand-off of “Develop Product/Service” to its handoff to “Produce/Deliver”. 

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A complete causal process flow map will include all sub-processes that when carried out in a specific order will result in the successful culmination of the key business process.  Therefore, each map is completed in detail with a causal path depicted in the diagram.  The detailed mapping enables an anlysis of the process to identify potential interruption points,that when they occur will result in a cessation of the process, a business impact or possibly a business cessation. 

Once the causal maps have been completed for each of the twelve key processes, a fault-tree analysis is undertaken to aid in quantifying the exposure to the organization for a given interruption, a disaster or mini-disaster.