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Pinnacle Business Concepts takes an End-to-End approach to Business Interruption in both assessments and planning.  We believe that not only is complete business cessation worthy of careful analysis, but cessation of any one of the twelve key processes should be given the same scrutiny.  We believe that organizations owe it to their key stakeholders to provide the best possible assurance that the business will continue to function in a financially viable manner regardless of the depth or severity of the disaster. Pinnacle Business Concept professionals assess and analyze all twelve processes as illustrated below.


Because we start with an end-to-end mind set we avoid the typical rework costs that are involved with projects that don’t begin with the whole picture in view.  However, this does not mean an end-to-end implementation has to be the first step; simply the picture must be in view before beginning the first generation of the project or a pilot project.  This assures the first piece of the puzzle will fit the entire puzzle when completed.