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Current State Assessments

Current State Assessments provide your organization with a picture of your current state of readiness regarding any potential business interruption and your “To-Be” state of readiness, providing a gap analysis for project intiation.  The Pinnacle Business Concepts current state assessment considers all twelve of the key business processes and the four business decision domains.


Borrowing from Theodore Levitt’s The Marketing Imagination, Pinnacle Business Concepts has developed “The Whole Plan(R) Concept”.  Often the nucleus of an organization’s BCP falls short of the expectation of the project sponsors and bill payers leaving a gap to close.  The nucleus of the project is the high level presentation presented to management from which they developed their perceptions of the finished product.  The Expected Plan is what management perceived was going to be delivered.  The augmented plan is the plan further developed to assure the optimal probability of satisfying management.  The Potential Plan involves the flexibility of the plan to allow for future changes and growth within the company and new catalyst for business interruption that may appear in the future. 

A properly designed Current State Assessment will assure that your organization’s plan moves from the “Generic” state to the “Potential” state with minimal time and expense.