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BIA Consulting

Wikipedia defines Business Impact Analysis (BIA) an analysis that:

  1. “results in the differentiation between critical (urgent) and non-critical (non-urgent) organization functions/ activities. A function may be considered critical if the implications for stakeholders of damage to the organization resulting are regarded as unacceptable. Perceptions of the acceptability of disruption may be modified by the cost of establishing and maintaining appropriate business or technical recovery solutions. A function may also be considered critical if dictated by law.”

Pinnacle Business Concepts provides consulting to assist organizations in developing and/or completing their BIA as well as analysis of existing BIAs for thoroughness and accuracy. The following are included in the Pinnacle consulting engagement:

  • Development of a Event Process Chart
  • Identification of critical and non-critical events and functions
  • Assignment of Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for all business and technical functions and events
  • Assignment of Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for all business and technical functions and events
  • Defining of recovery requirements for each critical business and technical function and event
  • Identification of potential threats
    • Disasters
    • Mini-disasters
  • Defining impact scenarios